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Enterprises are increasingly turning to taxonomies to navigate through structured and unstructured information dispersed through the organization. Taxonomies, based on classification, controlled terms, and assigned metadata, provide the topical views for representing and navigating an organization's knowledge resources on a network.

The Taxonomy Guide is a web resource of organized, structured, and clearly written content on building and implementing an enterprise taxonomy. The Guide is both a learning tool and a reference resource designed to help you master the concepts, relationships and essential steps for taxonomy design and project planning.

The Guide consolidates and improves the usability of information about taxonomies that is typically fragmented and dispersed and, in many cases, difficult or expensive to acquire. Information with the Guide is organized within the following taxonomic structure:

  • Taxonomies In Context: Definition> Problem Defined> Benefits> Knowledge Assets Management> Applications
  • Taxonomy Basics: Classification>Controlled Vocabulary>Metadata
  • Software Tools: Automatic Categorization Tools> Thesaurus Management Software> Vendor List
  • Design: Domain and Purpose>Design Elements>Advanced Design
  • Planning: Introduction> Making a Business Case: Project Phases: Project Management> Pitfalls> Case Studies

Check out the Guide's Demo at to see an overview, a site map with full table of contents, and browse the Resources and Glossary. The demo also introduces you to Taxonomy Watch, a companion weblog for the Taxonomy Guide.

You may register at any time throughout the year; your subscription fee covers access to The Taxonomy Guide for 12 months from date of registration. You can renew your subscription for as long as you wish in order to keep up-to-date in this rapidly developing area.

Target Audience:
Designed for knowledge workers, records managers, librarians, information architects, and other information professionals engaged in structuring enterprise content for better retrieval.
Special group rates are available for organizations registering five or more people.

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