The iSchool Institute: Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
Customized Courses

Over the years, libraries, corporations, government departments and non-profit agencies across Canada have relied on the FI's iSchool Institute to meet the professional development needs of their staff. In these cost-conscious times, we have been speaking with organizations who want to continue to provide professional development but are hard-pressed to do so with reduced budgets. The solution? Let the ISI come to you.

When you send your staff to The iSchool Institute, your organization is paying from $180 to $595 for each individual, not counting transportation and accommodation costs. When you have a large staff to provide for, the costs mount up. We can save you money by bringing trained instructors directly to you. If you have staff who need technical training or who would benefit from one of our other courses, there are real savings to be had. We can tailor any of our existing courses to your organization's needs. We will also design new courses to meet your specifications. For further information, contact:

Eva Kupidura
ISI Co-ordinator
Telephone: (416) 978-3035

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